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Welcome to restaurant Vier Tafels in Ghent – Belgium. We are well known for our exotic cuisine, as well as our traditional Flemish meals, which may feel exotic to you as well  – even though locals grew up with them. Want to know more? Discover what we have to offer.  

Our Story

Exotic and traditional

Chef Christophe and his wife Hilda have been cooking up meals since the early nineties in Ghent. Hilda, originally from Argentina, and Christophe, born in the Belgian province of West Flanders, created a restaurant that stood out as different right from the start. Their menu was full of exotic meats. Crocodile meat, as well as kangaroo and emu meat started to gain popularity in a traditional beef-minded country such as Belgium. 

These exotic dishes are still part of the menu, alongside the traditional Flemish meals. Try our ‘Gentse Waterzooi’ for example, or ‘The Chef’s Scampis’ – a delicious prawn dish, and you associate these exquisite tastes with our beautiful city for years to come.

The colourful interior of Vier Tafels fits surprisingly well with the restaurant’s setting and location: we are in an 18th-century building, in the heart of Ghent. 

When you read our reviews on Yelp and Google, you will notice that our personal approach is valued by our many customers. Welcome to our restaurant!


Our classics

The Ghent Waterzooi
Kangaroo fillet, Cumberland sauce (red port-wine and shallots)
The Chef's Scampi
Chef Christophe prepares every dish on his own. Exotic travel destinations inspire him and every creation stems from Christophe's personal inspiration. Even though you may think there are only 4 tables (Vier Tafels translates to four tables) at this restaurant, in reality there are 70. Ask Chrisophe or Hilda why their restaurant is called 'Four Tables' and surely you will get an interesting story.

Dine in style

Restaurant Vier Tafels is located in a medieval quarter of the city of Ghent, called Patershol. 

Enjoy walking through our cobblestoned streets and admire 18th-century architecture. 

Your car can be safely parked nearby (but not on our street since it is traffic-free). Undercover parking is provided at Vrijdagmarkt, a short 5-minute stroll from the restaurant. 

Drinks menu

The best of Ghent and the world

An exotic and traditional menu, can’t go without accompanying drinks. Enjoy our world-class Belgian and local beer options, as well as our international wine menu. 

Chef Christophe and his wife Hilda made a fine selection of the best local beers and international wines. 


Restaurant reviews

Your words

Lovely dishes in an authentic atmosphere. Recommends! 

Sven Goedertier

I come here every time I visit Ghent. Cozy restaurant with internationally inspired Belgian cuisine. Friendly chef and owners.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Caitlin Vincent

My favorite meal on my trip around Belgium! I’m still dreaming about the mashed potatoes…the best I’ve ever had…that came with the also delicious waterzooi of fish. And the hot fudge on the Dame Blanche was delicious and plentiful. A delicious meal in a wonderful city!

Lawrence R

Chose this place on a pretty quiet street for my birthday meal and it was fabulous! Great ambience, friendly hosts and delicious food. Good value set menu.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Sally Price

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